To strengthen the disease surveillance in the country by establishing a decentralized State based surveillance system for epidemic prone diseases to detect the early warning signals, so that timely and effective public health actions can be initiated in response to health challenges in the country at the Districts, State and National level.

Brief Note

Disease Surveillance is backbone of public Health; the objective is to reach common public till village level for disease surveillance and response.

·       Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP): The IHIP is expected to capture real to near real time data on epidemic      prone diseases and issue alert to the concerned officials for necessary action –

Ø  Weekly reporting of epidemic prone communicable diseases in prescribed formats Presumptive (P), Laboratory (L) and Syndromic (S) is being ensured from more than 10,000 reporting units in the State. 

Ø  Total 524 & 499 outbreaks were reported and responded in & 2019-20 and 2020-2021 respectively. 

Ø  Alerts issued on Nipah Virus Disease, Zika Virus Disease, Dengue, Chikungunya, AES, Heat Waves, Monsoon Health Alert issued for Enteric, Food, Water and Vector borne Diseases. Regular monitoring of the situation is ensured at the State level. 

Ø  Advisory for preparedness on Flood and Drought issued to districts.

Most Important Upcoming Events/News of the scheme

IHIP (Integrated Health Information Platform) - - Strengthening of disease surveillance system for epidemic prone diseases to detect and respond to disease outbreaks, Collect public health surveillance data at all level, Monitor more than 33+ health conditions, Link real-time case-based surveillance, clinical data, lab data, and public health emergency data in a single platform

Dengue surveillance, AES/JE Surveillance, Chikungunya surveillance

Covid Monitoring- Alert on COVID-19 issued to all districts. Isolation & Quarantine centers have been made functional. House to House Surveillance is being done to identify the suspected cases. ILI/SARI/Pneumonia surveillance has been initiated from all Health facilities in the State. Daily surveillance and monitoring of the cases is being done at the State level.


IHIP (Integrated Health Information Platform) - Currently state is in process of reporting real time data of communicable diseases in order to prevent any outbreak impending. State has launched Integrated Health Information Platform to capture real and near time data. Front Line workers have been trained for data entry on IHIP. 17179 ANMOL tab has been distributed to all ANMs. 2 state level training has been completed on IHIP.  At District level total 5169 (Including MO, ANM and LTs as per IHIP portal on 7th April 2021)

 State Referral Labs & District Public Health Lab: Total 5 Medical colleges have been designated as State Referral Labs, which includes SKMCH Muzaffarpur, NMCH Patna, DMCH Darbhanga, ANMCH Gaya, and JLNMCH Bhagalpur and PMCH is working as District Public Health Lab. 

Training – Training in IDSP is integral part of the programme. Each Year State and District level training programme for Epidemiologists, District Data Manager and Data Operators, Medical officers, ASHA Facilitators, Lab Technicians are planned on the new emerging diseases. Total 4864 Health workers have been trained under IDSP in Year 2020-2021.

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